March 31, 2023

How to carry a fly fishing net [2022]

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The way you carry your fishing net is just as important as the quality of the fly fishing net itself. How you carry it will depend on how you fish most often and what type of fly fishing reels that you use.

If you are casting from a boat or from a pier, there are different ways to carry your net than if you are wading in the water. Wading in the water is the most common technique to carry a net.

How to carry a fly fishing net

The wet net
The wet net is the most common way to carry a fly fishing net. It’s a simple design that makes it easy to grab, throw and catch fish. A proper wet net should have the following characteristics:

The handle should reach your chest when standing straight, or at least be long enough to extend your arm with effort.
The opening must be broad enough for you to fit one hand through and reach deeper water (a 90-degree angle). Don’t overlook this measurement while designing fly fishing nets!

The inverted net

If you want to carry your net in an inverted position, follow these steps:
Hold the handle at one end of the pole. This should be on the right side if you are right-handed and on the left if you are left-handed.

While maintaining your grip on the net with this hand, reach over and take hold of the opposite handle with the other.
Bring your hands together in front of you until they are touching. Move both hands towards each other.

Hold your fly box in position

This will hold your fly box in position and add stability to your hooking motion, which occurs from below rather than above while upright. It also allows for more flexibility; there is no arm muscular fatigue when casting from this stance since tension is discharged through oscillating motions.

Instead of directly upon them while backcasting or onward movement towards target fish. The only negative to this method is that it’s difficult for beginners who aren’t used to how much power comes out when bending into a full arc like normal people do every day without thinking.

The belt carrying system

Fishing nets are a tricky thing to carry.The best way is by using the belt carrying system, which involves a long enough belt to go around your waist, a clip that attaches to your belt, a clip that attaches to the net and another one that attaches it all together.

This system works very well because it allows you to clip the net onto yourself so that it doesn’t get in your way while fishing. The clips should be strong enough so they don’t break when they’re holding something heavy like a fishing net!.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you carry a sling pack net?

The net handle should be hung downward, as advised. As a result, the pendulum effect is diminished and the net is simple to grasp—just reach for the handle in your lower back. If they have an o-ring on the rear, they may also be utilized with sling packs.

How do you carry net with a hip pack?

Just lower it between myself and the load. That’s all, don’t even remotely attach it. It barely remains in place when just pushing the handle of it downward while the net is sticking up.

Where do you put the net on the Orvis sling pack?

Just like you would on any vest, you hang your net from the strap’s D ring.
You may either turn the pack and net to the front for simple access or reach behind to get your net. Use a magnetic net holder, like an ease with which you can reconnect my net while it is in front of me rather than having to reach back and do so.

Can you carry on a fishing net?

A magnetic net release on the rear of your vest or sling pack may be used to carry a fly fishing net. This keeps the net out of the way of your throw and makes it easily accessible when you need it.

How do you secure a fishing net?

I essentially grasp the handle at the bottom of the net when I need to utilize it. Pulling releases the magnet. I may then take the fish. Therefore, the net is just dangling from my back.

The two point suspension system

You will need to make use of a net that is constructed in such a way that it can be carried. It makes little difference whether you are utilizing a two point suspension system or a one point suspension system.

However the net needs to be able to withstand being carried over your shoulder or in your hand.You should also check to make sure that the material of your net is durable enough to endure being dragged past rocks, trees, and other natural obstacles that are located on the riverbank.

Neck hung nets

Neck hung nets are your best option for fishing in shallow water, where you have control over the net and can use it to cover a large area. They’re also great for windy conditions, since you can protect yourself from the wind by keeping your line tight.

This is especially important when fishing in cold water because it helps prevent ice formation on your line!Finally,if you’re looking to fish in fast moving rivers or larger bodies of water, a neck hung net will be much easier to manage than one that’s attached to your shoulder or wrist.

How to carry your fly fishing netcorrectly

Learning how to correctly carry your fly fishing net can help prevent injury and fish loss. The most common methods of carrying a net are the sling, hip belt, back pack and wading staff methods.
Each method has its benefits, but only one is right for you.

Carrying a fly fishing net using a sling is likely the option that is the least difficult to do so. When necessary, you will be able to rapidly move your arm into position without placing much effort on it at all thanks to this.

This method works well

This method works well for people who want something quick and simple that stays out of their way when not being used; however, if you’re going to use this method it’s important that you learn how NOT TO CARRY A NET IN THIS WAY!

When you are moving or coming into contact with barriers, making sure that your elbow bends upward rather than downward will help reduce the amount of stress that is placed on the joint of your elbow. This makes it easier to avoid damage.

A strategy

Along the pathways that run along riverfronts, for instance, there might be rocks or trees that provide such opportunities. This is due to the fact that many anglers prefer to toss their flies downstream while going upstream (when possible).

This strategy has the potential to result in cost savings that amount to many hundreds of dollars if it is done in the optimal manner in order to reach the best possible outcome.This is only the case if it is carried out in order to achieve the best possible end.


I hope this article has helped you learn more about how to carry your fly fishing net correctly. There are many ways to do this depending on what type of fish you want to catch and where they live, but the best method is generally just holding it by hand.

Because of this, you will have full control over where it goes and when it takes place. When you are holding your net, you need to make sure that your hands are dry so that they do not get caught on anything.

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