March 31, 2023

How to make a balloon garland with fishing line [2022]

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I just love a good balloon garland for a party. When I saw this tutorial from one of my favorite party blogs, Studio DIY, I got so excited! The style is clean and fresh. There are no plastic curves or squares to make big-box store garlands look cheap and cheesy.

This is just balloons, fishing line and scissors! It’s inexpensive (especially compared to buying one), and it creates the perfect backdrop for a unicorn or rainbow-themed party. It would also be really cute with pastel balloons of any kind – like our popular pastel confetti balloons.

How to make a balloon garland with fishing line

You’ll need:
Fishing line (we used 10-pound test)
Scissors or a utility knife
And since there are no plastic connectors involved, you can customize the length of your garland as well as the size of each section by easily adding more or less balloons in between each knot.

Tape (to tape the fishing line to your balloon)
If you’re going to make a garland holder, you’ll also need:

A piece of sturdy cardboard (a cereal box works well!)
A pencil and ruler or tape measure
A glue gun

How To Assemble A Balloon Garland

The first step is to attach the balloons to each other with a piece of fishing line. You can use any length of fishing line, but we used 30 feet (9 meters) in our tutorial so that our garland was long enough to be suspended from a ceiling or doorway.

We also found it helpful to have extra yarn on hand when tying off and cutting off balloons, as well as when connecting them together. Next, arrange your balloons in a pattern you like! This part is fun—you can make any design you want!.

More details

We chose to stagger different sizes of white and silver balloons throughout our garland for extra visual interest.
Once your balloon garland is arranged however you’d like it to be, tie a knot around each one of them individually using fishing line or yarn.

So that there’s no chance they’ll get tangled together while being hung up somewhere later on down the road.
Finally (and most importantly), cut off any excess length from where your last balloon has been attached so things don’t look messy when hanging up soon after making this project.

Blow up all of your balloons

Blow up balloons. Since inflated balloons are hard to handle, you may require a pump or a straw. Get enough balloons to build a garland as long as you wish (and then some).
All of your balloons should be roughly the same size—you don’t want one to tower over another.

If you’re using multiple colors, make sure each color is filled with helium so that they look uniform from afar.
Don’t over-inflate them! Too much helium makes for an unstable balloon, which can lead to tears or popped seams when you try to cut them apart later on.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you wire a balloon arch with fishing?

Instructions: Inflate your balloons and knot them.
Your fishing line should be cut.
Utilizing your plastic needle, begin attaching your balloons onto your fishing line.
You may begin to hang it up now that your fishing line is loaded with balloons.
To support your balloon arch, screw hooks must be fastened to the wall.

Which fishing line is best for balloons?

Fishing line is available in strengths ranging from 2 lbs. to 80 lbs. A weight of 25 lbs is enough for the majority of designs. However, I advise using monofilament line with a 50lb test weight for an arch that is around 50 feet long.

How does balloon fishing work?

The early 1980s saw the discovery of this method along the West Australian coastline. It uses powerful offshore winds to launch massive skipbaits hundreds of meters out to sea using a latex balloon filled with gas.

What kind of string do you use for a balloon arch?

Which kind of string is used to create a balloon arch?
What Kind of String Should You Use? Use 0.5 mm Nylon line, usually referred to as fishing line or monofilament, to create a balloon arch or garland if you want to build one out of string.

Can you use string to make a balloon arch?

Attach a balloon weight to a lengthy piece of fishing line.
The other end should not yet be tied off. Use white thread instead of fishing line if you can’t locate any. Use balloon ribbon that coordinates with your color scheme as an alternative. Tie the thread to a bucket handle if you’re creating a giant balloon arch instead.

Pastel balloon garland for a Unicorn

Unicorn-themed decor is in, and you can use this balloon garland to add a touch of magic to your party. Pastels are all the rage for unicorn decorations: pink, purple, blue and green balloons in various shades will look great on a white backdrop.

You can also mix things up by pairing different shapes with each other—a few round balloons mixed with some heart-shaped ones, or large balloons with smaller ones. You can get fancy and make your own origami hearts out of tissue paper or gift wrap if you want!.

Balloon Garland DIY Supplies List

Balloons (any color)

Ribbon in any color; if you want to make your own ribbon, have a look at this instruction on how to make ribbon out of yarn, which you can acquire here. Ribbon may be used for a variety of purposes.

You may build a garland by using thread or fishing line and cutting it to the length that you want it to be.
a pair of scissors or a utility knife, whatever you choose.

Tape, like painter’s tape or masking tape

There are two methods for making a balloon garland
When it comes to the process of manufacturing a balloon garland, the method that makes use of fishing line is the one that gives the greatest results in terms of the product that is finally made; more specifically, the garland itself.

Because it is less challenging to carry out and more forgiving,it is a wonderful choice for people of all ages and capacities,including younger people, older people, and those who have impairments. You shouldn’t pay any attention to anybody who tries to convince you differently since they are in the wrong!.

The fishing line one might be forgiving

The one with the fishing line is arguably the simpler and more tolerant of mistakes. From my own personal experience, I’ve found that ribbon may be a bit trickier to deal with than fishing line. It may not be easy to get the hang of at first.

If you’re prepared to put in a little bit of additional work (and maybe even make a few errors), the end product could be well worth it! Fishing line is often less expensive than ribbon, and it also comes in a wider variety of colors.

And might be easier

Because of this, it is an excellent material for use in crafting projects like as this one, in which you will want a broad range of options for the garland design you choose to execute. As a result of this, it is an ideal material for use in crafting projects.

Additionally, fishing line is available in a number of thicknesses and can endure the impacts of being exposed to water or wind without prematurely fraying or breaking, unlike ribbon, which is not quite long-lasting enough for usage outdoors (particularly in metropolitan locations like New York City).


Partying is fun for everyone,and we take pride in throwing events that are as aesthetically pleasing as they possibly can be.We have high hopes that the advice shown above will assist you in hosting a great event that not only looks amazing but also awes everyone who enters your home.

Making balloon garlands is a lot of fun once you get the hang of it, so after you get the hang of it, make sure you experiment with a variety of color schemes and color combinations to make the most of the experience.

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