How to put fishing line on a closed reel [2022]

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Recreational fishing is a pleasurable activity that can be enjoyed by anglers of all experience levels. On the other hand, it may appear to be quite challenging for beginning anglers who have not yet made the financial commitment necessary to acquire an entire fishing setup.

Where do you even begin when you are seeking to begin your trip into the world of fishing? The following are some pointers for novice anglers who are interested in fishing but do not yet know how to wind fishing line onto a reel.

How to put fishing line on a closed reel

Learn about the reel.
We are going to get knowledge regarding the reel in the following paragraphs. Casting your line and retrieving it from the water are both accomplished with the help of the reel, which is attached to the end of a fishing rod.

In the beginning, reels were made out of wood. As time went on, reels were made out of metal. Plastic and aluminum are the most common materials used to make them now. They are made up of a few different parts:

Fishing line is wound up onto aspool

The main body is what binds all the other components together and is attached to the rod by means of a screw cap at one end (what is more commonly known as an arbor) and threads at the other end that connect to a handle.

It is positioned within, on top of a spool. All of your fishing line is wound up onto a spool, which can be turned by hand or with the help of grips attached to either side so that you may remove however much line you need in either direction.

Get the type of fishing line youneed

The type of fishing you want to do, the species of fish you are interested in catching, and the type of reel you use are all factors that come into play when selecting the type of fishing line you should use.

For instance, if your objective is to reel in a huge game fish such as a sailfish or tuna, the monofilament line that you use will serve your purposes the best because it has the necessary tensile strength to reel in fish of this size and category.

Eat with a diameter

But it is also thin enough that they can still bite onto it without having to worry about being harmed by anything sharp like wire rope, which they would be if they tried to eat something with a diameter that was too thick for them.

If they swallow it whole after having the hook placed into their mouth, it could lacerate their gums or cause harm to their digestive system from the inside out as it goes through the process of being digested.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you put line on a closed reel?

Take the reel’s lid off.
Take any outdated line from the reel if there is any.
Attach the fresh line to the spool using a tie.
Place the reel’s cover back on.
Add fresh line to the reel.
Fill spool up to 1/8″ from the lip.
To run the line and tie on a lure, use line guides.

Can you put braided line on a closed face reel?

The majority of closed faced reels can manage fluorocarbon line up to a 12-pound test, which is perfect for jigging. The final resort would be a braided line.

Should you wet fishing line before spooling?

Warm Water
Always immerse your line in a pail of warm water before spooling up with mono. When you wound the line on, it will be easier since the water will have soaked into the line, and it will also give the line more room to settle on the spool.

Why does my fishing line keep coming off the reel?

The main reason why your fishing line unravels and comes off the spool is because there wasn’t enough room for it to begin with. Most spinning reels can’t take as much or as heavy of fishing line as baitcasters can, unless you’re using a reel made for saltwater.

Is open or closed reel better?

The biggest drawback of closed face reels in terms of adaptability is their weak hauling power. A large fish won’t come out of the water easily, particularly if there is any form of cover like plants. Choosing an open face fishing reel is a must if you want to improve your fish-catching ability.

Hook will continue to cause them harm

Should they choose to do this, the hook will continue to cause them harm because it will be lodged in their mouth. Should someone drink it after the hook has been set, then this is what will occur to them as a result.

During the process of experimenting with various different approaches prior to determining which ones produce the best results—without inflicting any harm on anyone else, other than the fact that they were hungry afterward due to the fact that they were required to…

Fishing line on a closed reel

Acquire the skills essential to wind fishing line onto a reel that has its spool closed. Employing a screwdriver, pull the line taut until it is safe to do so. However, be careful not to strain it so tightly that you risk damaging the reel as you do so.

To begin, you will need to make a loop in the line, and then you will use your screwdriver to secure the line around one of the spindles on your fishing reel. Once this is complete, you may begin fishing!

About the length

Continue doing this while gently pressing back and forth until both ends of the line meet at an equal length from where you started tightening them down. Do this until both ends of the line meet at an equal length from where you started tightening them down.

You need to make sure that this occurs within a distance of roughly 3 inches. Repeat steps 1 and 2 as many times as necessary until you have a enough amount of line on your reel for the type of fishing excursion or event that you are planned.

The best way to put fishing line

To mount the line on a closed reel in the most effective method, first make loops in the fishing line, and then use a screwdriver to tighten the loops you just made. This will allow the line to be placed on the reel.

Loops can be made in any size that is required, they are easier to make than knots, and they can be tightened more readily than knots. The process of tying a knot takes substantially more time than constructing a loop.

See how tightly you twisted the line

The degree to which you twist the line around itself will also depend on the choice you select; the tighter you twist it, the more flexibility you will have or the more certain you will be that the loop will stay closed.

The designer can create loops in any quantity or shape they like, which is last but by no means least. They may have a regular or erratic pattern, and they may be square or spherical in shape, big or small.


Depends on reel. Closed-face reels just need fishing line, a screwdriver, and scissors. We covered how to put on fishing line in a previous article, so we won’t go into depth here. Basically, you make loops with your hands and tighten them with a screwdriver before cutting off superfluous string.

If you don’t want to buy new reels just yet, you may also use this method with open face reels! There will be additional stages, such as removing any components that can become entangled while attempting to thread through the line, if it is an open-face reel like mine.

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