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Best bangers for dabbing [2022]

If you’re in the market for a quartz banger, there’s a good chance you’ve already selected your dab setup and are prepared to begin your next session. The next item that you’re going to want is a banger of sufficient grade.

What size fishing line for trout [2022]

When fishing for trout, anglers should always make it a point to use the right gear in order to improve their chances of success. If you use the right fishing line, the experience will not only be more pleasurable for you.

How to set up saltwater fishing line [2022]

If you’re a landlocked angler with no desire to fish the ocean, that’s understandable. The waves are rough, the boats are pricy, and that sunburn thing? Not really our style. If you can’t enjoy the open sea by day or night, try fishing from piers or jetties.

What fly rod weight for trout [2022]

Fly fishing is a type of fishing that requires certain specialist equipment in order to participate. As a result, it is essential to take the necessary precautions to ensure that the fly rod weight you select is appropriate for your requirements.

Is fishing good after rain [2022]

You’ve spent all day in the boat and sun, preparing for a big catch. Suddenly, dark clouds roll in and it starts to pour. But don’t give up and go home! Fishing after a storm can actually be really good. Here’s why:

How to tie fishing lures to line [2022]

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced angler, tying lures to your line is a valuable skill. However, there are plenty of ways to do this incorrectly, and those mistakes can make it hard to catch fish.To avoid these rookie errors and learn how to tie the right way, keep reading!

What weight fishing line for bass [2022]

Since I was a young adult, one of my favorite ways to fish for fun is to cast a line into the water and look for bass. Over the years I’ve been fishing, I’ve tried out a lot of different lines.

Thermometer for dabbing [2022]

When it comes to cooking, the best thermometers can make your life a lot easier. They tell you exactly when meat is done, when candy is hard enough to break, and when oil is at the best temperature for frying.

What size hooks for surf fishing [2022]

Surf fishing is a terrific way to get outdoors, enjoy the beach, and catch fish. When surf fishing, one of the most crucial things to consider is hook size. The proper size hook depends on the sort of fish you wish to capture and how large it will be.

How to tie a hook onto a fishing line [2022]

Putting a hook on the end of your line is the first thing you need to do if you want to have a productive day of fishing. If you don’t do it correctly, you’re going to have a miserable time and lose valuable fishing minutes trying to remedy your mistakes.

How to set up a pole for trout fishing [2022]

The first step in your journey to go trout fishing is to set up your fishing pole. Once you have the pole, line, reel and other basic things needed for trout fishing ready, you can move on to more advanced aspects of the sport.


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