March 31, 2023

What size braid for surf fishing [2022]

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When you’re fishing, using lines that are the right size and strength will ensure your equipment can handle the rigors of the sport. Fishing line comes in a wide range of sizes, each with their own advantages. The most commonly-used sizes are 4-20 pound tests.

Braided fishing line, though, has become more popular than monofilament because it offers better performance and so we’ll look at braid in this article. Braided lines are made from bundles of microfibers that are woven together to form a stronger line than monofilament.

What size braid for surf fishing

They have no stretch and will give you good hook setting power as well as sensitivity to help detect light nibbles from fish.They can also be used for long casts because they don’t have a memory like monofilament does so they don’t get twisted up when spooled on reels.

It makes them great for surf fishing where long casts are often needed to reach schools of fish just beyond breaking waves or over sandbars where fish tend to congregate due to plentiful food resources being washed across these areas by currents coming off shorelines.

Takeaway: what size braid for surf fishing

There is no reason to believe that you cannot successfully throw a fly into the surf if you are using braid. You certainly can, and the process won’t be any more challenging for you than going through the same motions while suffering from mono.

However, if you want to make a direct comparison between the two kinds of line, monofilament is the preferable choice. What braiding gauge should I use is the question. In a word, the answer is anything that is available at your local tackle shop or through an online retailer.

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Keep in mind that various manufacturers create their lines in varying sizes and strengths; to put it another way, there are numerous alternatives within each brand, and even within each line series from the same manufacturer (for example, PowerPro has lots of different lines).

A heavier breaking strength means more strength in big fights, but harder casting due to additional weight on your reel spool; and of course, the general rule still applies: a lighter breaking strength means easier casting, but less strength when fighting large fish like snapper or tuna.

The Development of Braided Line

Braided line is a form of fishing line comprised of strands or filaments. Each filament in braided line is twisted with other filaments to create a single strand. Braids are more resistant to breaking than multifilament because the tightly packed strands are less prone to separate under strain. ​

Braid has less elasticity than monofilament, so it’s less forgiving when battling fish or dragging lures through weeds or cover.You may feel more bites and place hooks deeper, so your catch remains on longer (if applicable).Braids offer superior knot strength than mono because they don’t stretch when knotted, preventing slippage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What line should I use for beach fishing?

For clean beach fishing at a distance, a line diameter between 0.30mm (12lb) and 0.38mm (18lb) is thought to be the most effective. Use a line with the same breaking strain as mono if you decide to use braid.

What kind of braid do you use for surf fishing?

The majority of the time, we advise mono over braid for surf fishermen. And Trilene Big Game is our go-to surfcasting line. It is almost invisible to fish and is available in a variety of colors to fit the water you are fishing in.

Is braid good for beach casting?

Casting directors
The lack of elasticity in braided line is one of its drawbacks; although this is wonderful for sensitivity through the line when detecting bites, it makes throwing big baits and lures difficult.

What weight should I use for surf fishing?

The weight that keeps your rig stationary where it should be and does not move with the current is the optimal weight for surf fishing. For this operation, 4 to 5 oz of lead is often sufficient. However, using leads up to 8 oz may be necessary for a really powerful current (230 grams).

Do I need a leader for surf fishing?

The use of leaders is crucial while surf fishing. To protect the terminal gear or to improve the presentation of the bait to fish, an extension is often needed for surf rigs and line arrangements. So having a leader should make surf fishing simpler and more enjoyable.

Advantages, Disadvantages, and Myths

Braided line comes with a few advantages. When it’s new, it allows you to cast farther than monofilament or fluorocarbon, due to its reduced diameter.You can also use your reel with less resistance because of its low stretch properties—which means you can reel in fast-moving fish more quickly and effectively.

You may need to replace it sooner if you fish often or in salt water since it degrades from UV exposure more quickly than mono or fluorocarbon. Compared to standard lines, braided ones cost 25% extra. If performance is more essential than cost, braided lines are worthwhile investing in.

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In demand is braided line. It’s probable you’ve heard of or used this fishing line.Why is it popular?Strong and durable. Braided line comes in several diameters and strengths, making it ideal for many uses.If you need something sturdy to withstand pressure or lightweight to throw far,there’s a braid for you.

Easy to use—and maintain: Braided lines are durable and strong, but they may kink if not handled correctly when thrown into the water or stowed away. Before using again, ensure sure any kinks are eliminated by gently pushing back on both ends until straightened out.

Types of Braided Line for Sea Fishing

Braided fishing line is often made of nylon or polyester, both of which are strong materials that can be used to make braided fishing line.Braided nylon line is known for its strength and durability, making it an excellent choice for saltwater anglers who are after tuna or other large species.

Polyester braids are more flexible than nylon, so they’re excellent for surffishing when you need more dexterity to reach your bait deep where the fish are hiding. While monofilament fishing lines have been around since, braided lines offer several benefits. They’re less frequent than mono-filaments.

Maintenance and Longevity of Braided Line

When it comes to the upkeep and durability of braided line, there is nothing more vital than ensuring that it is kept clean, that it is kept dry, and that it is stored appropriately. Avoid exposing your braid to direct sunlight at all costs since doing so might hasten its deterioration.

The ultraviolet radiation from the sun will break down the plastic coating that is on the line,which will ultimately result in a weaker construction.Even if you only leave your braid out in temperatures below freezing for lengthy periods of time,this may have a negative impact on its durability and strength.

Be cautious

Be cautious to keep your braid away from direct sunshine and other sources of heat or cold while you are storing it for a long length of time (more than six months).Both of these extremes may be detrimental to a piece of fishing equipment that is not currently being used.

This involves storing your unused fishing lines in airtight containers, such as Tupperware boxes with lids or plastic bags, so that they do not absorb any moisture from their surroundings over time. Don’t forget to keep track of where you store them both inside and outside the house!.


You are well prepared to enjoy an action-packed and rewarding a day of surf fishing thanks to the equipment at your disposal. With any luck, you’ll be able to find the perfect braid with the help of these suggestions and recommendations.

As a consequence, you’ll be able to take full advantage of the time you spend on the water. Keep a look out for more instructions that will guide you through the process of putting up your rig and hooking up your bait.

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