What size hooks for surf fishing [2022]

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Surf fishing is a terrific way to get outdoors, enjoy the beach, and catch fish. When surf fishing, one of the most crucial things to consider is hook size. The proper size hook depends on the sort of fish you wish to capture and how large it will be.

You should always start with a larger hook when you aren’t sure what size is appropriate; if your bait gets stolen or no bites are happening, move down to a smaller size. We’ve created this guide to help you find the right hooks for your next surf-fishing trip.

What size hooks for surf fishing

What do surf fishing hooks look like?
Circle hooks are the best choice for catching inshore fish, as they’re less likely to get stuck in the fish’s throat when it tries to spit out the hook.Jhooks have a straight eye and are most commonly used on spinning lures or spoons.

They aren’t meant to be used as bait hooks because they aren’t as good at holding onto baited hooks.
Barbless hooks don’t have barbs along their shanks, which makes them safer for both anglers and marine life than barbed hooks.

Many anglers prefer barbless fishing equipment

Many anglers prefer barbless fishing equipment because it doesn’t require rubber bands or other attachments to avoid hooks from slipping off after being cast overboard; others prefer it because they can remove hooks without injuring themselves or others nearby (for example, if someone were accidentally clipped by one).

Worms are often caught with Zara Spoons or Realistic Minnow Lures, which look like real worms (see below).Soft plastic worms, like the ones in our store, have a special shape that makes them catch more fish than traditional hard balsa wood worms would near shorelines where there isn’t much vegetation.

How Long Should a Hook Be for Surf Fishing?

A hook should be long enough to catch fish but not so long that it gets snagged on rocks or is difficult to remove. The hook should be twice as long as the rod. This allows you to grab a fish without moving away from the coast.

If you’re using larger bait such as squid or prawns, then longer hooks (upwards of 2 feet) are necessary so that they can penetrate through thick layers of meat without bending or breaking off before getting lodged in the jaws of your prize catch

What Are You Bait Fishing For With Surf Fishing Hooks?

Bait fishing is used to catch fish using live bait or artificial lures. You can use different baits to target a wide range of species.
You can choose from live shrimp, eels, squid, and small gamefish like herring and anchovies. Any natural bait will work when fishing with hooks.

When picking hook sizes for surf fishing hooks (or any form of fishing), it’s crucial to use the proper size for your bait or lure so it’s effective for capturing fish but not too huge to startle them away from eating it before they’re hooked on your line or lure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Circle Hooks good for surf fishing?

The quick and certain response is “YES.” The best circle hooks for surf fishing are. For inexperienced surf fisherman and those who desire to release part of their catches alive, they provide automated hook-sets without gut hooking the fish.

What size hooks for sea fishing?

For general sea fishing, where a variety of species may be met, size 1/0 or 2/0 hooks are excellent. These hooks are robust enough to handle bigger cod, bass, or pollock while yet being tiny enough to effectively catch 1 lb fish.

What lb test is best for surf fishing?

For smaller fish like surfperch, bluefish, or striped bass, monofilament or braided line in the 20 to 30 pound test range typically performs well in almost all surf fishing scenarios. Use a rig with 50-80 pound test line if there is even a remote possibility that you may hook into a shark or tarpon when casting from the shore.

What size hooks for surf perch?

A common surfperch setup consists of two #4 or #2 hooks, a few swivels, and a pyramid sinker. Pyramid sinkers with three sides are popular, simple to throw, and have a tendency to roll less in the surf.

How do I choose a hook size?

Typically, the sizes of fishing hooks are identified by a number, ranging from the smallest (size 32) to the biggest (size 19/0). The bigger the number, the smaller the hook is for hook sizes from 32 to 1. Fish hook sizes range from 1/0 (also known as a one aught) to 19/0, with the bigger number indicating a larger hook.

Large Hook or Small Hook?

Do you need a small hook or a large hook to catch fish?
Well, it depends. A large hook will catch larger fish, and likewise, a small hook will catch smaller fish. If you want to catch bigger fish, use a larger hook.

If you want to catch smaller fish, use a smaller one. You can also choose the size based on your personal preference—if you like catching big ones and have no problem with hooks that are sharper than needles (and if so, we salute you), then go for the big boy!

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On the other hand, you should steer clear of those sharp points if you find that they give you nightmares or if, after a day of fishing, your hands feel as though they have had small knives wrapped around them the entire time.

Alternately, if the idea of putting in a significant amount of physical work does not appeal to you in any context, including when it comes to fishing, then you should select a hobby that places less strain on your body.

Different Size Hooks for Every Type of Fish?

Different fish species have variously sized mouths. While some fish could favor complete pieces of their diet, others would favor lesser amounts. As a general rule,use larger hooks for creatures that prefer to consume their bait head first and smaller hooks for those that prefer to consume it tail first.

Bass tend to grab their prey by the head, so using large hooks will help keep them hooked longer and give you time to reel them in.Salmon are more likely to eat their food tail first than by mouth, so smaller hooks offer better leverage for catching these fast-moving fish.

How Many Rigs Should You Use?

There are 2 main factors that affect the number of hooks you will use for each rig:
Type of fish and size: The larger the fish, the more hooks you’ll need. The weightier your bait (i.e., hard-bodied), the more hooks you should use as well.

Small soft plastic lures or minnows tend to catch smaller fish so they only require one hook per rig!
How many fish do you want to catch? Bigger baits attract bigger prey and more hooks means a higher chance of landing them all simultaneously!

Depends on the fish you catch

The size hook you choose depends on the fish you want to catch.When choosing a hook, take in mind that the size of your bait will affect the size.If you’re fishing with a huge plastic worm,you may require a larger hook than if you were using a small minnow-style lure.

Consider the fishing kind while choosing a size. Hook sizes vary by fish kind. One set might be better for walleye than bass or trout. It’s all about achieving the appropriate mix between strength and sensitivity so an angler doesn’t get snagged easily but still feels bites (and they do!).


Use these guidelines to ensure that you have the right hooks for your surf fishing needs. It is important to match the size of the bait to the hook size so that you do not lose any fish while they are fighting with it.

If they battle too fiercely, they could rip off bits of meat or escape. This is a prevalent difficulty when people are trying different rigs and lures but don’t know how big their bait should be related to how big the hook will catch their prey on average.

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