March 31, 2023

BAIMAN Nylon Fishing Line


BAIMAN Monofilament Nylon Fishing Line 549Yds-Ultimate Strength Abrasion Resistant Leader Line Strong Mono Fishing Line 4-20LB




High-quality material: Our fishing line is made of high-quality nylon material with a special fluorocarbon coating, which has excellent impact resistance and is durable. In addition, the nylon fishing line adopts parallel winding technology, which has strong anti-curling, reduces memory, and can recover quickly.
Transparent Fishing Wire: Fluorocarbon fishing wire has almost the same refractive index of light as water, you can see it when you use it, and almost invisible when fishing in direct light, against a white background, or in the water. Transparent fishing line can bring a better experience to your fishing life.
Fast Sinking Speed: This Stren Fishing Line has a high-density structure, which is not easy to absorb. The fish line rope cuts through the water quickly, sinks faster than a monofilament fishing line of the same diameter, and the bait can quickly reach the required depth, increasing the catch rate.
Easy to save: After fishing, you can clean the impact fishing line with a dry cloth, so that it can be easily wound and wound on the fishing line board, which has achieved high-efficiency protection effect in the fishing line. Protect fishing line after use to increase lifespan.
QUALITY GUARANTEE – Combine everything to make it affordable for everyone and always keep fishing happy. fishing line and is suitable for fishing lines from all over the world.

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