March 31, 2023

Fly Salt for Fly Shooters


Impresa 2 lbs. Fly Salt for Fly Shooters – Made in The USA – Large Grain Salt for Fly Shooter – with Pouring Spout for Easy Loading – Non Caking




Remove flies: Are flies bothering you lately? Fly swatters are old fashioned and boring, many have chosen to spice up insect eradication by using one of the many guns that use salt Printed Salt for use on most fly squat shooters makes fly hunting fun
2 POUNDS OF SALT TO HIT YOUR TARGET – Printed Salt for Flies, Spiders and More works on the leading provider of shots, including compatibility with Bug A Salt 3.0 (no affiliation). Our salt has a larger grain for greater impact so you can take out a fly in one shot. Use leaves the bug intact for easy cleanup once your enemy has found its fateful end
Easy-pour spout for easy loading: Our bag’s easy-pour spout means you can reload your favorite shooter faster than a fly can say “bzzz.” Simply pour the salt into your fly salt shooter and take your target
Don’t let clogs slow down your kill – the last thing you need is for your firing device to jam mid-battle. We believe our anti-caking formula helps reduce clogging and caking to keep your fly salt barrel clean
MADE IN THE USA – Printed fly salt for all your favorite shooters is made right here in the USA. Compatible with all major fly destroyer shooters. Compatible with Bug A Salt equipment. Impresa Fly Salt is not associated, endorsed, sponsored or affiliated with Skell, Inc. or Bug A Salt

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